Yes. We really provide a
turn key setup FOR FREE!


We Make RenWeb's Student Management System Easy to Implement and Own

We begin by providing your servers, hosted in a Fortune 500 data center environment. That means you don’t have to purchase or maintain hardware.

We provide a turn key system setup, performing all the data conversion and system configuration.

We train your staff onsite or online.  You choose the option that best meets the needs of your school.

When we’re done, you can access all your school information any time, anywhere via the web - linking administration, classroom and the home.

Plus, you’ll enter data only once, and have it seamlessly available to all 300 of RenWeb’s powerful features that need to access or display that data.

And all the while, we make sure your servers are secure and your information is protected by the latest technology available.

We understand that the entire reason for purchasing a school management software solution is to make the full range of your school’s activities easier for you and your whole school family. It’s about reducing both your workload … and your stress level.


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