Want to automate school management
rather than store student information?


It’s what you’re looking for in a Student Information System.

The power to automate tasks that take up staff time and effort.


The power to improve management of administrative activities ranging from admissions to scheduling to attendance, student billing, cafeteria, library, childcare and health management.


The power to automate classroom tasks, freeing up your teachers to spend their time shaping the lives of students.


The power to connect with your faculty, staff, families and community – anywhere, anytime.


And of course, the power to save money – and use your resources more effectively.


That’s the power of RenWeb’s features and functionality, reflecting knowledge and expertise gained over 14 years while working exclusively with private schools – now 3,000 – and listening to their wants and needs.


Today, RenWeb incorporates over 300 core features, integrated into a single database to provide instantaneous data sharing school-wide via the web, automating school administration, classroom management, and communication with the home.


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