Can you reach parents anywhere
instantly in an emergency?

Parent Alert

Instantaneous Alerts to Parents When it
Matters Most 

When every minute matters, Parent Alert speeds instantaneous notifications to parents and your school community.

  • Provides accurate and instantaneous notifications via:
    • Text messages to cell phones and PDAs
    • Voice calls to work, home and cell
    • Emails to multiple addresses
  • Integrated iPhone/iPad Apps distribute alerts immediately even when electricity, Internet and landline phones are not available.

  • Allows school officials, faculty or staff members to send alerts as needed for any incident ranging from in-school emergencies to school closings, bus delays, cancellations or schedule changes.
  • Creates dynamic distribution lists for sending alerts — from parents of all enrolled students to parents of students in a specific grade level, class or activity.

Enjoy the convenience of sending instantaneous text messages to parents any time, anywhere!

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