50 Ideas for Your School’s Social Media & School Blog


  1. Use student bloggers to create blog content. If you already have a student newspaper, consider transitioning some of that content onto your blog.
    1. This maximizes your resources, gives parents an inside look into how students view your school community and is a valuable learning experience.
  2. List fun activities happening in the community.
    1. For example: Fall Festivals, music concerts, special events at local museums, etc.
  3. Highlight recent school community service activities.
    1. You can discuss student community service or school-wide community efforts. Be sure to include photos!
  4. Post study tips from various teachers in your school.
    1. Ask each teacher what their most challenging subject was in school and what study tips or strategies they used to be successful.
  5. Interview MVPs or team captain/co-captain and coaches after athletic events.
  6. Review educational apps or organizational apps that may be beneficial for students of various ages.
  7. Create compelling stories about your school fundraising events.
    1. Discuss your school’s vision for the future.
  8. Bulleted list-style blog posts are always popular! They can be informative or silly and fun.
    1. “Top 10 Reasons to See the New Drama Club Play” or “5 Tips for Morning Drop-Off”
  9. Recap school events and include photos. Athletic events, music concerts and field trips are perfect!
  10. Reminders and announcements are quick, easy blog content.


  1. Twitter is perfect for school announcements.
    1. School closures, delays or weather-related news.
  2. Post your school’s sports scores and results.
    1. Or live tweet games!
  3. Tweet new additions to the school library.
    1. Ask what books were parent favorites when they were in school.
  4. Post volunteer opportunities for students and/or parents.
  5. Tweet news from school meetings.
  6. Retweet interesting education articles.
    1. Search the #edtech or #edchat hashtag for links to great content.
  7. Post your lunch menu for the day.
  8. Tweet reminders about admissions events (like Open Houses) or alumni events.
  9. Post study/homework tips.
  10. Tweet links to school blog posts!
    1. Sharing content you’ve created on other platforms is an easy way to keep your accounts active.


  1. Use Facebook as a quick way to conduct unofficial polls of parents and students.
    1. “What is your favorite thing about the Fall Festival?”
  2. Post a picture every day of a classroom, athletic, artistic or extracurricular activity that occurred at your school.
  3. Facebook users love fill in the blank statements.
    1. “The best thing about our school is _____________”
  4. #TBT (or Throwback Thursday) is a popular hashtag users place on old, “vintage” photos of themselves.
    1. Dig through old school yearbooks or ask teachers to find old photos of themselves.
  5. If you have an important announcement or event you want to advertise, you can pay to promote that post.
  6. Have your school’s Instagram photos automatically post to your school’s Facebook Page.
  7. Host a contest on Facebook!
    1. For example, if parents “like” a picture, they are automatically entered to win something.
  8. Connect with alumni by asking them specific questions.
    1. “We want to hear from alumni! What was your favorite thing about our school?”
  9. Many brands using Facebook host Live Q&A sessions on a certain date/time.
    1. A Live Q&A on Facebook is a great opportunity for your principal, board chair or other interested parties to get involved with parents.
  10. Use Facebook paid ads to advertise upcoming Open Houses.
    1. Use Facebook’s demographic targeting to find people that live in your community and within a certain age group.


  1. Post a Student of The Day (or Week or Month)
  2. Post teasers of upcoming events.
  3. Post a Day in the Life of a Student series. Follow a student around your school. Highlight your extracurricular activities and clubs!
  4. Take snaps of student sporting events or your school mascot.
    1. Use the phrase “DOUBLE TAP if you’re proud to be a Tiger/Ram/etc” to get students and parents to “like” your photo.
  5. Show off your campus buildings or new campus improvement projects.
  6. Record 15-second Classroom Tours with Instagram’s video feature.
  7. Invite students to help come up with Instagram photo content. (Just like they assist with your school blog!)
  8. Tape 15-second parent testimonials.
    1. “Why did you choose our school?”
  9. What makes your school unique? Find a way to photograph it.
    1. Music, school spirit, events
  10. Introduce new faculty and staff with a photo and a short bio.


  1. Create a “Visiting Our School” board.
    1. Include photos of buildings, directions and places of interest nearby.
  2. Create a “Student Life” board.
    1. Use photos from your Instagram account!
  3. Create a board for your school guidance counselor.
    1. They can pin links to financial aid opportunities, tips for writing college essays, SAT prep websites and more.
  4. Have a “School Pride” board.
    1. Pin items in school colors, shirts for sale in your school store, etc.
  5. Create separate boards for all extracurriculars and clubs.
    1. Athletics, music, drama, etc.
  6. Create a “School Traditions” board.
    1. Pin your school song, traditional school events and athletic cheers.
  7. Create a “Notable Alumni” board.
    1. Pin links to notable alumni achievements, or even newspaper articles about them.
  8. Have a board about Your Community.
    1. Get involved with your community. Pin popular local businesses (especially if they sponsor your school) or collect kid- or family-friendly activities in your town.
  9. Don’t forget your Photo of the Day.
    1. You’re already using your photo of the day in other places. Why not keep them all on their own board on Pinterest too?
  10. Create a “Back to School” board.
    1. Link to school supply lists, back to school tips, your blog announcements or admissions deadlines and more.

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