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Connected Educator

We read this interview this morning with connected educator and principal Eric Sheninger and wanted to share some of it with you.

In response to a question about the main benefits of being a connected educator, Sheninger replied:

As connected educators, we are able to take advantage of a dynamic resource to de-isolate ourselves and connect with a vast network of educators.

Additionally, Sheninger talked about how his school’s online presence has transformed the school.

It has brought results to the school. In the span of 4 years the school has been recognized by numerous media outlets across the country and I have received four national awards. It is because of the ideas we have gained from the network, the encouragement and pushback, and the ability to share what we are doing here. People are coming weekly to Milford HS to see what our teachers are doing. This wouldn’t happen if I, as principal, and we, as a school, weren’t connected.

When Sheninger was asked how an educator can start becoming more connected, here is what he had to say:

Sign up for a mainstream social media network, such as Twitter or Facebook. Then lurk and learn. Become familiar with the space, see what other people are sharing, watch the discussions. Get a sense of how to navigate yourself through this community. Most people don’t spend enough time learning this, particularly on Twitter.

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