Black History Month Classroom Activities

Happy Black History Month! Black History Month is a great opportunity for teachers to focus on teaching their students about the rich history and vast achievements by African-Americans in the United States. Here is our round-up of classroom activities that will help teachers convey the important contributions black Americans have made to this country. 

  1. Here is a wordsearch for young learners that will familiarize them with the names of some very important people. 
  2. Play a recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s very powerful “I Have a Dream” speech for students. Then have students write down some of their own dreams on this I Have a Dream Garland
  3. While everyone is probably familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they may be less familiar with some of the people on this worksheet. Use the books listed in this post to teach students about these notable black heroes. 
  4. Movies can be an excellent way to teach history. Here is a list of some great movies about important contributors to black history. 
  5. This freebie includes a bio of Rosa Parks (3 different reading levels available), and two pages of questions to spark classroom discussion and writing prompts for students to complete individually. 
  6. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live near one of these ten awesome museums focused on African-American history. They would make for a great field trip!

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