Change Your School Marketing Tactics

Change the way you think about school marketing

We were reading this fascinating article about inbound marketing by Kuno Creative and wanted to share how many of the ideas in the article are also applicable to school marketing!

Inbound marketing is often couched in terms like “leads” or “sales funnel,” but these terms also apply to schools—think “inquiries” and “admissions funnel.” So how do you pull new inquiries (or leads) to your school using inbound marketing techniques?

  • Social Media – According to Kuno Creative, this is the first place inbound marketers turn to create “demand generation” (spreading awareness and leaving content for audiences to find when they’re ready). Schools don’t need to participate in every social platform. It’s better to be great at 2 or 3 instead of spreading yourself too thin over 5 or 6 different accounts. Try starting with Facebook and Twitter and adding from there.
  • Organic Search – Is your website optimized for organic search? Check out a few of our SEO ideas in this blog post.
  • Paid Advertising – Many RenWeb schools said that they had great luck promoting posts on Facebook. Maybe you could try it and let us know how it works for you!
  • Blog Posts – Include calls to action in your school blog posts to boost more leads. (An example would be posting clips of a recent orchestra concert and encouraging prospective parents/students to apply if they are interested in auditioning for the school music program.)

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