You Need These in Your School Communication Toolbox

How do you reach out to your school community? What tools do you utilize? What’s working and what’s not? How can you strengthen your communication pipeline?

There are so many amazing communication tools available today that enable you to stay in touch with your school community. Since these tools are constantly evolving and new ones are being added all the time, it’s important for you to stay on top of them. Here is our rundown on some of the most important home to school communication tools that you should be utilizing.

  • Parent Alert : You may already be familiar with RenWeb’s emergency notification service that allows you to communicate with your school community quickly and easily to get important information out fast. This is a great tool to have to communicate about school closings, delays, etc.
  • Pinterest : This takes the old bulletin board to a whole new level. This virtual bulletin board allows for sharing articles, pictures, and links to videos or websites. Here’s an example of a middle school modeling its use.
  • School Blogs: Virtually anyone on your staff or even parent volunteers can write these. You could get your student body involved too! Recruit those enrolled in journalism or yearbook classes! Read these tips to start blogging with students.
  • Canva : Canva is an awesome, drag-and-drop tool for graphic design. It allows even the most novice user to create beautiful graphics. Use these graphics on Instagram, Facebook, or in your email communications.
  • Social Media: Hopefully you’re already using a few various social media platforms. Engage students and parents and start a dialogue. Keep parents informed on activities that are happening at school and show them what their kids have been up to!
    • Facebook is an important platform for businesses (including schools!) and this is likely where you’ll find most of your parents, alumni, and other constituents. Check out how this RenWeb school is using it. 
    • Twitter will let you communicate quick and efficient messages to your school community. Encourage parents and students to tag their pasts with a special school hashtag so you can easily find their posts and keep up the conversation.
    • Instagram is an excellent choice because it relies less on text like Facebook and Twitter do. Let your photos tell the story. Recruit a student photographer to help you out.

With these tools you’ll have an excellent starting point for opening up the communication channels between school and home. Most importantly, be sure to get the word out about what platforms your school is using and be sure to provide training to your staff on how to best use these tools. 


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