Gen Z Students, Their Parents, and School Communication Needs

What does the rise of Generation Z students in K-12 schools mean for educators? 

In a recent article in eSchoolNews, Dr. Shawn Bishop, a public elementary school principal, noted that a recent parent poll indicated that “only 6.8 percent of parents who responded said that they preferred hard-copy newsletters.”

Frustrated with the challenges in communicating to tech-savvy parents and their digital native students, the principal turned to an app to try and bridge the gap.

“Parents want to be partners in the education of their children. The idea that parents don’t have time to get involved with their child’s school, or don’t care about their child’s education, is a myth,” said Bishop.

Besides RenWeb Home and the RenWeb Staff and Staff HD apps, we also offer schools emergency/instant notification services through Parent Alert. Although intended primarily as a way to quickly and reliably reach families in case of emergency or school closure, Parent Alert can also automatically notify parents about attendance and grades. We know how important it is for you to communicate with your families and we want to help you make it easy and convenient.

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