Get More Donations to Your School

Did you know that education receives the second-largest amount of donations each year? We want to make sure your school is getting in on the action. 

Here are the best practices that nonprofits and successful school development offices are using to reach constituents and solicit online donations:

  • They have a convenient online giving solution. 84% of millennials choose to make donations online. Do you have a way for them to give back to your school? Additionally, a study of more than 40,000 nonprofits discovered that donation processes built into websites rather than hosted on third-party websites raise about six times as much money.
  • Use paid advertising on social media. According to a nonprofit fundraising expert, “reach numbers are exaggerated” and “social media is the least powerful it’s ever been unless you have money for advertising.” Give small advertising campaigns a try. Start by setting a budget under $50 and track results.
  • Breathe life into your email campaigns. If you haven’t spent a ton of time perfecting your development campaign emails, now’s the time. According to M+R Benchmark’s study, for every 1,000 fundraising emails delivered in 2015, nonprofits raised $44 in revenue.

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