Improve Your Fundraising Efforts

Are you having some trouble reaching constituents with your school fundraising efforts? Here are three tips you can employ to bring your fundraising to new heights. 

  1. Build a team of fundraising superstars
    You can’t always do it all yourself! Take advantage of additional support provided by school staff, parents, administrators, teachers, and even students! It’s free and these people are usually your school’s biggest advocates. 
  2. Host a fundraiser
    Be sure to consider proper timing when hosting a fundraiser. You should plan for at least three fundraisers a year – one at the start of the school year, one right before winter break, and one during the spring semester. Students and parents are energized and excited at the beginning of the school year and you can capitalize on that energy with a walkathon, for example. Before winter break, you could host an auction–that allows parents to not only help the school, but they can get some holiday shopping done too. In the spring, host a dance or sell flats of flowers for planting! The ideas are endless. Make things even easier by selling tickets to all of your fundraising events using Donate Online
  3. Use all available channels to reach potential donors
    Newer methods of reaching donors, whether via social media or through text messaging, ensures you’ll reach a broader, and more diverse group of constituents. Don’t just stick to one method. The more you try, the more success you’ll have! 

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