Improve Your School Website’s Call to Action

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When prospective parents visit your school’s website, what call to action do you want them to see? Do you want them to learn more about your school? Read about the academic and extracurricular offerings you have? Fill out an online inquiry form?

The first step in improving your school website’s call to action is to determine what you want your prospective parents to do.

What’s next? You need to convince prospective parents that there is something in it for them. What makes your school enticing? You have to give prospective parents a reason to want to learn more. A well-designed website that communicates your brand effectively goes a long way to accomplishing this.

Schools should make it easy for prospective families to contact them for more information. An online inquiry form is essential to today’s tech-savvy parents. Make sure the inquiry/request information button or link is visible on every page of your website.

How does your school get parents to move to the inquiry stage?

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