Is Your School Using the Right Tools to Keep Your Community Engaged and Informed?

Tools for schools' social media

Sure–parents are driving their students back and forth to your school every day. They may read the marquee as they pass by to get the times and location for this week’s football game or another upcoming event. But is this enough information to keep them interested and actively involved in your school community? Probably not.

Communication is key for any business. Schools aren’t excluded. With the power of the Internet, social media, and other tools now available, there is no excuse not to foster dynamic communication within your school community. How can you do a better job of keeping the lines of communication open? It is not only important to get your information out there (one-way communication), but it is also beneficial to start a two way dialogue with parents (two-way communication) to make them feel more involved.

One-Way Tools:

  1. Pinterest: You can use Pinterest to share interesting articles, pictures, videos, projects and more. Some schools use Pinterest to share dress code compliant clothing ideas, SAT prep articles, and other things relevant to the school community.
  2. Parent Alert: Your school needs a consistent and convenient method for communicating with your school community in case of an early dismissal, closing or delay or any other piece of vital information.

Two-Way Tools:

  1. Social Media: In order to foster a dynamic school community, you need to meet your parents, alumni, and other constituents where they are online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  2. Blogging: Allowing students to contribute to a school blog helps share information about your school from a student’s point of view—valuable for recruiting new families— and it also helps engage parents, fostering a feeling of family within your school community.

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