Keep Alumni Engaged and Boost Donations

If you’re looking to increase donations, it’s important to keep alumni connected and engaged. Earlier this summer, we talked about making development a story, but we have a few more tips for increasing the donations coming into your school:

  • Suggest smaller, reoccurring donation options. Many younger alumni may not have the resources to give a single large gift each year, but could give $10 to $30 per month instead. If you quantify this donation in a tangible way (i.e., “support your school for the cost of two lattes!”), it can help spur alumni to commit to a giving program.
  • Stay in touch in new ways. Think beyond email marketing, mail, and phone calls and explore blog posts and social media as a way to engage alumni. Facebook and LinkedIn are alumni favorites, but have you considered Instagram or Snapchat as alternative ways to reach them?
  • It’s not (always) about the money. Although monetary donations are crucial to your development programs, many alumni may be able to get involved in other ways. Consider how many volunteer opportunities exist at your school! Alumni could be guest speakers, help coach sports teams, participate in campus outreach programs, or assist at fundraising events.
  • Make it easy. Nearly a third of all online donations are now a result of peer-to-peer fundraising. Ask engaged alumni to share your social posts and reach out to their family and friends. Be sure your fundraising efforts always include a link to a simple online donation page so that all those social post shares don’t go to waste!

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