Lessons from Sandy Hook from the Experts at Firestorm Solutions

Lessons learned from Sandy Hook Elementary

It’s been over two years since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut and the committee created to analyze the event has just held its final meeting. To summarize what they have discovered, they put together a draft report of their findings.

Guy Higgins of Firestorm Solutions has put together a summary of 16 of the committee’s 53 findings. We will touch on a few of those points here.

“The SSIC (School Safety Infrastructure Council) Report includes a standard requiring classroom and other safe-haven areas to have doors that can be locked from the inside.”

Firestorm Solutions says this step is key for keeping the intruder out and secluding students safely inside the classroom.

“School custodians should be included as members of school security and safety committees.  Custodians have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with regard to the physical school building and grounds.”

Who knows the layout of a school better than the custodians who are there day and night? They’ve been in every classroom, bathroom, gym etc.

“Each school shall maintain an accurate list of faculty, staff and students, complete with emergency contact information, which shall include, but not be limited to, parents and guardians of students.”

Just as the HR department does at any company, a school too should keep up with the latest info about their faculty, staff, and students on a daily basis.

“Each school shall provide safety and security training for faculty, staff and students on how to respond to hazards and/or events in order to provide competent compliance with the All Hazards School Security and Safety Plan Standards.  This training shall include live exercises …”

As Firestorm Solutions put it, it is no longer enough to simply prepare students for tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes. Today, the sad reality is that it is entirely necessary that students perform mock drills in the event of an active shooter or some other intruder gaining entrance to the school.

You can read the entire findings of The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission here. Read Firestorm’s summary article here.

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