Make Your School Marketing Efforts Stand Out

School marketing is getting more competitive every year. How do you make your school stand out?

  • Know your audience. The more thoroughly you understand the families you’re trying to reach, the better you will get at addressing their potential questions in your marketing. A good example is making sure your website has specific information that would be relevant to their decision-making process (i.e., tuition, childcare options, extracurriculars).
  • Customer service. When you think of your school like a business, you can begin to address the level of customer service you provide to potential families. Do you go above and beyond to provide for the needs of your prospective families?
  • Prioritize organization. Marketing is first and foremost about audience organization, and in the context of school marketing, this means making sure that you can instantly pull up applicant information, register and enroll the applicant quickly, and make all subsequent processes as efficient as possible.
  • Partner with parents. The best modern marketing emphasizes human connection. Any value-added service your school has that allows parents to feel connected with the school should be a valuable part of your school marketing strategy. Examples of this include real-time communication and collaboration between the classroom and the home, whether through an app or a learning management system or both.

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