Making Your School Website Memorable

Standing out from other private schools in your area can pose quite a challenge. Because of this, it’s important that your website be distinctive and leave visitors with a lasting impression. 

Numerous studies have proven that a school’s website play’s a pivotal role in student recruitment. When we speak to K-12 schools, we always mention the importance of watching higher ed marketing and recruitment trends as a way to inform what will trickle down to the K-12 market. To that end, the consulting firm of Noel Levitz and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions conducted a survey of 1,000 college-bound seniors about how those students identified schools in their search. The results show how important a good website is:

  • 76 percent found their target schools through Google or some other search engine.
  • 88 percent said they’d cross a school off their list if the site didn’t have the content they needed
  • 85 percent said they wanted a school’s website to be simple with easy navigation
  • 70 percent said they found it helpful if a school was active in social media

Although this study is specific to the higher ed market, the key factors involved also apply to students and their families searching for private K-12 schools. 

Here are some suggestions for making your school’s website memorable:

Keep it Simple: You don’t need flashy, animated sliders and intro videos. They’re interesting add-ons, but visitors to your site most want to easily find the information they need.  They want to know about your school’s story, and learn about your brand. Don’t make your website difficult to navigate or overstuffed with superfluous information. A clear, simple, and yet attractive website goes a long way. 

Update Your Blog: Maintaining a school blog is easier than you think. Not only will it give your website credibility, but will keep your website content fresh. Most importantly, a regularly updated blog increases your chances of being found in Google searches.

Be Responsive: We’re not just talking about being responsive to inquiries that come through your website. We mean that your website should be responsive to any device a prospective parent chooses to use, whether that’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. There’s a strong consumer expectation to have a website that’s easily navigable on a mobile phone. Don’t make it more difficult for parents to view your website by requiring them to fire up a laptop. 

If you want help creating an unforgettable online presence, School Site can help you do just that. Our affordable, user-friendly service will deliver you a modern website that helps attract prospective families. 

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