New for Online Application and Online Enrollment Customers: Referral Documents

Referral documents online

RenWeb’s new Referral Documents feature for Online Application and Online Enrollment will simplify your supplemental forms process by taking it all online. Our online referral forms can be submitted directly to your school, eliminating the need for parents to manage and track their supplemental referral forms. This feature is available now in your OA/OE Content Management System. Learn more about it by watching the video below, or reading the documentation to get started right away.

More About Referral Documents:

Referral Documents help simplify your supplemental forms by making the entire process digital, so parents no longer have to print and mail PDFs and wait for the referral source to mail them to your school.
With our Referral Documents feature:

  • Parents provide the email address for the referral source.
  • The referral receives the email, fills out, and submits the form online.
  • A notification email is sent to the school and the parent verifying the form was submitted.
  • When the application or enrollment packet is synced with RenWeb, the form is saved to the student’s Portfolio.

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