Why Online Payments Matter: A Parent’s Perspective

We talked to Jaclyn Day, our Director of Marketing and Communications, about why online payments matter to her: 

As the mom of a preschooler, I’m constantly looking for ways to save time throughout the day. A few examples: I wake up earlier, I get coffee from the drive-thru, I pack lunches the night before, and I pay my bills on my cell phone.

This shift to increased digital integration in everyday life is meaningful in the context of schools and school communities. The growing millennial population (with young children ready to enroll!) is exceptionally mobile-minded and sees technology as a necessity, not an option.

There are numerous ways you can start serving these families with important digital solutions. Apps, learning management systems, and online applications and re-enrollment processes are just the tip of the iceberg. But, providing online school payments (whether tuition or miscellaneous fees) must be on the list too. Why? Because I know how important it is to me as a parent.

My daughter’s school uses FACTS’ tuition payment plans. It allows me to conveniently pay on the go from my laptop or my phone, and they even send me text reminders a few days before a payment is due. Since I already pay all of my other bills online, this service neatly fit into a process I’m used to and comfortable with.

And, for schools that have paid lunch programs or need to charge other miscellaneous fees, I imagine that Pay Now would be very interesting to them. I remember when I was young that my mother would often scramble to hunt for cash to pay for lunch at the last minute, or she’d scribble down a check for me to pass the administrative assistant on my way in (if I remembered!).

That process has changed completely for RenWeb schools using Pay Now. Parents can pay for lunch or for a field trip right from their phone using RenWeb Home.

These things may seem like small steps, but they’re revolutionary for parents. The more that schools can offer parents thoughtful solutions to everyday problems, the more that school promotes retention and word-of-mouth marketing among their happy community of parents.

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