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RenWeb LMS is our streamlined, social, and fully-integrated learning management system that offers teachers and students a powerful solution that enhances blended learning programs, flipped classroom instruction, and 1:1 device programs.

  • Teachers and students can learn and collaborate in a familiar social environment
  • Seamless integration brings the gradebook, report card, and the LMS together
  • No need for a clunky sync process or dual entry of grades and data across multiple platforms
  • Organize class content into units and topics that include announcements, assignments, discussion threads, quizzes, tests, and more


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Ready to Flip Your Classroom?

RenWeb's LMS can help.

There are so many benefits to a flipped classroom environment, including:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Support for a variety of student learning styles
  • Flexibility to use more differentiated alternatives using a variety of instructional activities rather than a singular class activity
  • Increased student engagement using collaborative and peer-assisted learning methods

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Why One RenWeb School Loves RenWeb's LMS:

"We're excited to have RenWeb's LMS finally available!"

“Many of our teachers had previously tested other products on their own with some frustrating results. Renweb’s LMS, though, offers us many advantages, including a shallower learning curve due to the SIS and grade book integration,” said Celia Cooksey, Tech Support for Middle School Technology at Spartanburg Day School, SC.

Watch the video to learn more about the ways an LMS impacts classroom instruction, including 1:1 device programs, blended learning, and flipped classroom initiatives.

See RenWeb LMS in Action

Why Did We Create a RenWeb LMS?

We believe learning management systems should enhance your instruction–not complicate your busy life. If you’re not using RenWeb Learning Management, you may be using a clunky export or syncing process to get information from your LMS to your SIS. Our full LMS-to-SIS integration means you get an efficient, reliable, and painless flow of data from RLM to RenWeb.

Feature List


Centralized calendar displays all due dates, class events, and any other event the teacher wants to add.

Class Chat

Real-time instant messaging service allows teachers and students to easily communicate.

Class & Topic Walls

Live, Facebook-style feed lets teachers post class-related information like videos, photos, documents, and more. Teachers can enable student comments to turn the post into a discussion.


Simple and intuitive areas for viewing the Class Wall, calendar events, topic items and class-related information.

Discussion Threads

Gradable assignment where students are posting comments related to the topic content and even commenting on other students posts.

Gradebook Assignments

Assignment topic items can be tied directly to the RenWeb gradebook. No syncing or importing required. Simply enter the grade in the LMS and it automatically appears in the gradebook.


Notification center that’s easily accessible from every area in the LMS. Keeps you up-to-date on Class Wall posts, teacher notifications, and more.

Reuse Content

Create your units, topics, and topic items in one class and copy them to all your other classes in the same course. Saves you the headache of having to rebuild your classes.


Tie standards from RenWeb to units, assignments, discussions, and quizzes.


Organize class content into units.


Topics are subsets of content related to a unit.

Topic Items

Build topics with assignments, discussions, quizzes, document repositories, announcements, and more.

Quizzes and Tests

Quizzes and tests can be created and taken within the LMS. Like assignments, quizzes and tests can be automatically added to the gradebook.

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