Rebranding Your School Through Your Website

Has your school’s website gotten stale or outdated? To be seen as a flagship school in your community, it’s important to reevaluate your branding and ensure that it’s fresh and contemporary. You need to portray the school that you are today–not the one you were 10 or 20 years ago.

Brand consistency means your school needs to have cohesion across all the marketing materials your school issues, including your website. You don’t want to use varying fonts or every color of the rainbow. While rainbow colors are undeniably fun, that lack of consistency makes your brand hard to recognize.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to styling your website. 

Fonts: A serif font adds a decorative line or embellishment to each character (i.e., Times New Roman.) Serif fonts are strong and bold and produce a reliable, trustworthy, and established feeling. If you’re already using a serif font in your logo, it’s a good idea to continue to use a serif font on your website in order to create a visual connection between the two. In this example from RenWeb’s School Site, you can see that the majority of this school’s design–from logo to copy–uses serif fonts. 

On the other hand, sans serif fonts (fonts that don’t use decorative features) include Helvetica, Arial, and Geneva, among others. A sans serif font conveys a fresher, more modern look and is seen as more business-like. In this design, sans serif fonts are utilized and the resulting school website feels modern and fresh. 

Colors: Give some thought to the colors you’ll use as both primary and accent colors on your website. You’ll probably want to start by pulling a color from your logo (or use your “school colors”) and then build a palette around them. In this designyou can see both the navy and the tan color were pulled from the logo and used throughout the rest of the website design. Other colors–white and shades of gray–were added as accents. We like the free tools from Adobe and Coolors to generate eye-pleasing palettes. 

Logo: Consider your school’s current logo. Is it conveying the message you want it to? A coat of arms is a popular choice, and it gives off a historic and established air. But even a coat of arms could benefit from a modern makeover. In this example, modern colors are added and bold lines are utilized to give the coat of arms a dynamic feel. 

P.S. With RenWeb’s School Site, you don’t have to go it alone. All our designs offer you the ability to enhance your school story with crisp, modern branding. 

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