RenWeb Announces Launch of District Aggregate Reporting Tool (DART)

DART by RenWeb

Initial Release Customized for Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Conferences

Supports the SDA North American Division’s Data Rollup Initiative; Provides Conference-wide Enrollment Statistics; and Simplifies Communications from Conference Offices to Staff Members in Schools

RenWeb School Management Software announced the launch of the District Aggregate Reporting Tool (DART) on October 9. DART provides school conferences, districts and dioceses access to summarized information on each school in their organization for centralized reporting and analysis.

This initial release of DART has been customized for SDA Conferences in support of the North American Division’s (NAD) Data Rollup initiative. DART also provides SDA conference offices with real-time enrollment statistics for each school in the conference, and new tools and information to simplify communications from the conference office to staff members in the schools.

DART for SDA provides NAD conferences the following centralized information and tools:

  • NAD Data Rollup statistics
  • NAD Data Rollup error report generated by RenWeb and the NAD
  • Enrollment dashboard providing real-time admissions and re-enrollment statistics for all RenWeb schools in the conference
  • Centralized access for conference staff to school staff directories for all RenWeb schools in the conference
  • Automated email tool that generates dynamic email distribution lists using the school’s staff directory to simplify communication to schools from the conference office
  • RenWeb usage statistics for all schools in the conference
  • Centralized login for conference office staff to all RenWeb school databases in the conference (after schools grant access).

“We have a long history of working with SDA schools. Some were RenWeb’s earliest customers,” said Bob Wilbers, RenWeb’s Founder. “It’s been very rewarding over the years to watch our relationship with the NAD grow from a handful of schools in the early days to now over 400 schools spanning 42 conferences.

“We know from working with the NAD on the Data Rollup initiative that achieving compliance can be a tremendous challenge for schools. We designed DART with this in mind to make compliance easier for the SDA schools we serve.”

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