RenWeb Schools Enjoy Great Success in 2012 using Online Application and Online Enrollment

463 RenWeb schools received over 100,000 online applications and online enrollment packets in 2012.

Online payments received for application and re-enrollment fees exceed $11.4M

Is your school waiting to launch RenWeb’s Online Application and Online Enrollment features until you’re sure the services work and your parents will have a good experience?

Your wait is over. In 2012, 463 RenWeb schools processed over 100,000 Online Applications and Online Enrollment packets, and received over $11.4M in online payments for application and re-enrollment fees.

As you consider whether or not to launch Online Application and Enrollment this year, here is some additional information that demonstrates how these services can increase your enrollment levels, accelerate collection of re-enrollment fees and improve parent satisfaction.

Online Application Statistics and Information

  • 437 schools processed 39,000 Online Applications in 2012.
  • 89.8% of schools using Online Application charged parents an application fee.
  • The average application fee paid online by parents when submitting their application was $100.50.
  • Total online application fees collected by RenWeb schools exceeded $3.0 million.

Per Kim Norbeck, Admissions Coordinator at Wheaton Christian Grammar School in Wheaton, IL:

“We absolutely love our OA here at Wheaton Christian Grammar School! Over 60 percent of our new applications since our launch of OA in October have been online. I love how easy it is to navigate and customize. Thanks again for all your help in setting it up for us!”

Per Stacie Harrell, Admissions Director at Living Word Christian School in O’Fallon, MO:

“We had more applicants and new students than ever before because the new Online Application system was easier to use than our old paper application process. Last year we had approximately 100 new students. We have 186 new students attending our school this year – an 86 percent increase in new students!! We have so many new students that we ran out of locker space. Students are sharing lockers for the first time.”


Online Enrollment Statistics and Information

  • 193 schools processed 62,000 Online Enrollment packets in 2012.
  • 76.7% of schools using Online Enrollment processed online re-enrollment fee payments.
  • The average re-enrollment fee paid online by parents when submitting their online enrollment packet was $278.
  • Total online enrollment fees collected by RenWeb schools exceeded $8.4 million.

Per parent at All Saints Catholic School in Plano, TX:

“Online Enrollment was very user friendly!! The pre-populated info was correct, very easy to navigate. One feature that I like is the ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Next,’ an easy one but missed in a lot of sites. It provided me reassurance that the info was saved along the process of filling out all the forms. In fact, I had to came back to one of the pages (to enter his Dentist info), very easy (just a click on the menu located @ the left) and all the info was saved there.”

Per Lisa Espinoza, Director of Admissions at Mission Hills Christian in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA:

“I am AMAZED at how simply and clearly RenWeb lays out all these potentially overwhelming tasks for setting up your system, OA/OE in particular. You have done FAR more to get us set up for success than I even imagined.”


To Sign Up for Online Application and Online Enrollment


To sign up for Online Application and Online Enrollment, go to your Main Menu in RenWeb, select Report Manager. Select Product & Services. Select and -complete the Online Application – Sign Up form and Online Enrollment – Sign Up form and a RenWeb Project Manager will contact you to begin the setup process.

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