How to Select a Learning Management System for Your K-12 School

The ability to utilize online media to meet objectives, enhance curriculum, and promote collaborative learning is a reality with 1-1 device and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. But, for full adoption of these new instructional programs, schools need a learning management system to provide important support for teachers, students, and parents.

There are so many edtech tools available to teachers now that the process of determining which may be a good fit for their particular class can be a frustrating process of trial and error. A good rule of thumb is looking for three things first: simplicity, integration, and collaboration.

Start with simplicity. Don’t scare your teachers!

Many learning management systems suffer from feature bloat, or require payment for extras that the school assumed were included. 1-3 months of teacher training can result in low adoption rates too—and no school wants that.Starting with simplicity allows teachers to easily explore and use the tools without arduous training or frustrating roadblocks.

Google Classroom and RenWeb Learning Management are basic and allow for all teachers to learn the benefits of a learning management system with minimal, if any, training.

So many apps, so little time. Let’s integrate.

There are countless education apps available today. How does your school handle so many different possible solutions?
An integrated learning management system provides key support for the many technology solutions that a single school uses simultaneously.Advanced learning management systems have interoperability, with LTI, IMS, and/or SCORM compliance. Integrating apps that teachers already use and love into a single learning management system will end up simplifying teacher and student experiences.

In addition, your SIS and/or gradebook applications need to be integrated with your learning management system for ease of use. This ensures classes, class rosters, standards, grades, and more are always in sync. In addition to Google Drive and full RenWeb 1 integration, RenWeb Learning Management will continue to integrate with useful education apps and provide deeper integration with our own apps to enhance the educational experience.

Don’t re-create. Collaborate!

Math, Science, English, History, Art, Physical Education. Many schools teach similar subjects. So why can’t teachers help each other collaborate and discover best practices? They can! RenWeb Learning Management will be able to connect your teachers with each other, and even with teachers at other schools that use RenWeb. That way they can create and share rich class content. A collaborative feature set for students is an essential foundation for any learning management system. We designed RenWeb Learning Management to help students collaborate using social media-style walls, discussion boards, and even direct messaging for teachers and students.

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