Six Top-Rated Educational Apps for Students

Teachers are busier than ever and it’s hard to find the time to look for quality educational apps and games for the classroom. That’s why we scoured the list of reviews and ratings of apps at and came up with a few that sounded great for K-12 classrooms.

1) Fruity Fractions – This app helps set the foundation for learning fractions. According to classroom teacher Emily Pohlonski, “Fruity Fractions carefully scaffolds concepts: Kids drag and drop unit fractions to build fractions section by section.” She also notes, “Intuitive design means a reading 7-year-old can pick up and play without additional direction. Quirky characters and engaging graphics will keep kids playing.”

2) Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island – With this app students are given the chance to learn more about pollution and how they can do their part to prevent and eradicate it from our planet. Of the app, teacher Dana Villamagna writes, Kids learn by playing ecology missions, soaking in the vocabulary, solving problems, and reading about or listening to the real-world pollution examples. They easily make the connection to our own environment’s problems.”

3) A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Online – This app is excellent for science classes. It allows for the in-depth exploration of the human body. Again, teacher Emily Pohlonski comments, “3-D interactive technology is easy to manipulate, giving students the power to view the body in their own way. Clear images and descriptions reduce the confusion and tedium sometimes associated with anatomy coursework.”

4) Facing History and Ourselves – This app helps student to explore and study racism, prejudice and anti-Semitism. It promotes an open and thoughtful discussion of these topics. Teacher Jennifer Sitkin says it “encourages students to examine complex historical events and consider how they can make a difference in the world.”

5) Scribblenauts Remix – This app helps students to expand their vocabulary with word puzzles and creative problem solving. Teacher Leslie Crenna comments, “
Open-ended situational challenges surprise and delight but could frustrate some kids. Kids will keep trying and ask for help to get the job done.”

6) Duolingo – This app 
promotes the learning of a foreign language through tools that feel more like games than actual work. Reviewer Patricia Monticello Kievlan says, “Intuitive, user-friendly design makes for approachable, easy-to-use language learning. An extensive FAQ section offers usage tips.”

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