Snow Day Activities

While kids rejoice at the news of a snow day, it’s often not as thrilling for parents who have to come up with an entire day’s worth of activities with very short notice. Cabin fever can quickly set in for everyone. Here are a few creative ways to beat the “I’m Bored” blues: 

  • Just because school is cancelled doesn’t mean the learning should stop. Here are some snow science experiments that are both creative and easy to pull off. 
  • Little ones will be excited to get to “paint” the snow in every color of the rainbow, with this activity. All you need is food coloring and water. 
  • If you need a little time to yourself, print off this free bingo sheet and send kids on their way. They will need to complete five simple and easy activities in a row in order to win. 
  • If you have a child who is a budding artist and loves doing crafts, they will enjoy this activity. Kids can create paper plate snowflakes using yarn. 
  • After all these activities your child has probably worked up an appetite. This site has several delicious ideas including a kid-friendly soup bar and edible paint
  • This one is really cool! Blow bubbles and watch them freeze mid-air and shatter as they hit the ground. 
  • For kids who still have energy to spare, try this snow obstacle course! Kids will have to make snow angels, shovel snow, hurl snowballs and more. 
  • Need even more ideas? Here is a list of 20 more snow day activities
  • Snow days are not only challenging for parents, but schools as well. How will you notify parents quickly when winter weather strikes? Parent Alert provides peace of mind for families and schools. Schools can send instant alerts to their school’s community. For more information, sign up for one of our Parent Alert webinars

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