Student Retention Rates Got You Down?

Your retention rate is just as important as your new enrollment growth rate. This year, make an intentional retention plan to keep current families engaged, informed, and happy.

  • Take a deep dive. Look at a list of your current families and grade their likelihood of re-enrolling. Engage high-risk families one-on-one about their possible questions and concerns to demonstrate your personal investment in their success at your school.
  • Focus on families in lower grades. It’s easier for families to transfer young children to a different school. Concentrating on retaining families through the PK/K to 1st Grade transition is a good place to start. Build your foundation early!
  • Coffee chats. Host regular coffee-and-donut hours to dialogue with current parents. Developing personal relationships is key (and this is just one way to start).
  • Don’t stop marketing. It’s tempting to focus marketing efforts solely on prospective families. Instead, think of your re-enrollment process as an opportunity to re-market your school to existing families. Remember that great video you created? Or the testimonial you published on your blog? Make sure current parents see it too.
  • Learn what you don’t know. Regular parent surveys can help you identify areas of opportunity.
  • Make the re-enrollment process quick and convenient. Don’t have parents jump through hoops to re-enroll. A stack of 20 paper forms is daunting to busy parents! Use an Online Enrollment process to ensure they can complete the process easily whether at home or at work.

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