Twitter Ideas for Your School

Twitter Ideas for Your School

We loved Brendan Schneider’s list of 21 Ways Independent Schools Can Use Twitter and have posted a few of our favorites below (and a couple extras we thought of!).

  1. Post your school’s sports scores and results.
  2. Tweet articles from local newspapers that discuss your school.
  3. Tweet a school picture of the day.
  4. Take a series of photos of dress rehearsal for a school performance and post a short animated image using Vine to encourage people to attend.
  5. Tweet new additions to your library.

Here are a few we thought of:

  • Tweet volunteer opportunities for students and/or parents.
  • Link to an Online Donation page to invite alumni, parents and other constituents to give to specific campaigns or other fundraising events.
  • Live-tweet school sporting events.

Does your school use Twitter in interesting and innovative ways? We’d love to feature your school on our blog sometime! Please comment below.

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