Using Instagram Video for School Marketing

Instagram Video for School Marketing

Does your school have an Instagram account? It can be a great school marketing tool! You can share photos (and cross-post them to Facebook or Twitter) and interact with parents and students. But you can also use it as a way to reach prospective families! Instagram’s video capability offers your school an exciting new way to quickly show snippets of campus life and school events.

A few important things you need to know about Instagram videos:

  • They are only 15 seconds long.
  • You can now import videos saved on your phone! See instructions here. (This means you can save promotional video to your phone that you’ve already taken and re-upload it to Instagram.)

Need some ideas for what to post? Here are some ways to get started using Instagram video as a promotional tool for your school:

  • Do short interviews with teachers about what they’re most excited for this school year.
  • Record classroom tours.
  • Do 15 second book reviews featuring students of various ages.
  • Upload footage from sports events, music concerts, drama performances and more!
  • Do a Homework Help Tip of the day.
  • Record parent testimonials. (“What is your favorite thing about our school?”)
  • Tape events unique to your school. Do you have a really great fundraiser? An awesome student-led event? Highlight what makes your school stand out!
  • Record sports team athletic drills or music group practices using the stop motion component to create an artsy feel.
  • Do a weekly Ask the Principal segment.
  • Ask students to explain in two or three words why prospective students should consider attending their school.

To maximize the views of your Instagram videos, you should cross-post them to your Twitter feed and Facebook Page! If your school has a blog, you could link to the videos there too.

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