Web Design Trends for 2016

Things on the internet move fast, especially when it comes to website design trends. It’s important to keep up so your website doesn’t start looking outdate–because then your school might be perceived as outdated too!

Here are a few top web design trends to watch for in 2016:

  1. More natural looking stock photography. People have grown weary of seeing the same generic stock photos over and over again. (And some of them can be pretty cheesy.) However, stock photos can be a great addition to a website design that places an emphasis on large graphic elements. Choose something high quality that doesn’t look entirely staged, especially when it comes to stock photos with people in them. For more natural looking stock photos, check out UnsplashStocksyDeath to the Stock Photo and Offset
  2. Bold and highly saturated color. Gone are the days when websites could only be black or white. A splash of color–though not necessarily an entire hot pink background–can do a lot for making a website look more modern. Try a bold color in your navigation bar, or as a font color for your headers. 
  3. Better use of typography. When a website is designed with appropriate, eye-catching fonts, it can change the entire look and feel of your school’s brand. Dafont has a huge database of beautiful fonts that can be downloaded for free. However, you may want to consult with a designer if you’re a novice to make sure you are making the best typography choices. For a quick refresher on typography best practices, click here
  4. Long Scroll. In the good old days of web design, you were supposed to place all important information above the fold. (The fold means the area of a website that can be viewed from your browser without having to scroll.) But with the rise of smartphones and mobile browsers, the public has become accustomed to infinite scrolling. Mobile-friendly or responsive websites that have a long scroll, even when viewed on a computer browser, are good at luring users through strategic storytelling. 
  5. Continued use of flat design. Flat design is a design style that embraces minimalism. They tend to be cleaner and more simple, with fewer, but bolder colors. Google embraced flat design a while back with their logo (old on the left, new on the right).google They also dropped all the serifs from their original logo typography which gives the logo a cleaner, more streamlined silhouette.

Need some help implementing these trends on your school’s website? Our team at School Site would be happy to help. 

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