Boosting Enrollment Through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an important influence on a school’s enrollment, retention, and constituent engagement. But where do you start? What does a school need to create a dynamic school presence? Consistent branding, compelling content, effective social engagement, better inquiry management, and prioritizing lead conversations are all ways you can build a healthy admissions funnel that promotes retention later on.

  • This workshop will provide concrete examples of inbound marketing in action and show how schools can replicate the results in their own institution.
  • Attendees will learn about the importance of school blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles and more.
  • Attendees will see how leveraging online inquiries generated from inbound marketing tactics into a healthy admissions funnel can be self-supporting and retention-oriented.

Presented By:

Jaclyn Day - Director of Marketing and Communications - RenWeb

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