Winter Break Teacher Memes – 2016 Edition

Our holiday break teacher meme post from last year was pretty fun, if we do say so ourselves. So we thought we’d put together another one! With the last week before winter break quickly approaching, you’re probably going to need a little humor to get through it. We’re here to help. Consider it our gift to you!

December rolls around and your excitement begins to set in.



Ugh, but it’s a long few weeks until break so you better have your lesson plans in order.



Obviously your students can’t contain their excitement either.



But you still need to keep them in line!



Even Santa agrees!



And so it’s just one more week until break begins! You can do this!



But don’t get too comfortable just yet.



But you made it. It’s finally here! Enjoy it because you’ve more than earned it!



It’s never long enough though. 



And it may take a couple days to find your stride again. 



Just remember, all hope is not lost. It’s still winter. There’s always the possibility of a….


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